Women, belonging to an International religious congregation who allows the Holy Spirit to urge us become the image and presence of Christ in the world today. Our spirituality is based on the Incarnation Jesus becoming man.
We were founded in 1802:by Louis Marie Baudouin, immediately after the French Revolution when France was in chaos and the practice of religion had been completely disrupted. Louis Marie had met Charlotte Gabriel Ranfray and 5 other women who were formally religious but due to the Revolution they were forced to leave their convents. Louis
Marie invited them to help him in his parish Ministry. This small group were the foundation of the congregation. The congregation rapidly increased in numbers. To his great joy the Founder was able to meet the many demands of Diocesan clergy for these sisters supported the efforts of the priests in trying to restore the practice of religion in parishes.

In 1832 Bishop Gillas of Edinburgh requested from Louis Marie to send some sisters to Edinburgh. His requested was granted, in 1834 3 sisters were sent to form a new community in
Edinburgh. This was the first Religious community to be founded in Scotland after the Reformation, and this was the only community founded outside of France in the life time of Louis Marie.


IN EUROPE: Ireland: Swords, Dublin; Courtnacuddy, Co. Wexford; Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare.

UK : England; Scotland; Wales. France; Spain; Italy. In Canada.

IN LATIN AMERICA: Chile; Bolivia; Ecuador.

IN AFRICA: Cameroon.

Our original ministry of teaching and nursing are also expressed in: Parish pastoral ministry; spiritual accompaniment; retreats and days of prayer; Reflection and discernment; university chaplaincy; counselling; sacramental preparation; health care- always engaged with the marginalised.. so we use all our talents that together,

“We make a unity in the work of service, building up the Body of Christ.”

Here in our parish of St. Colmcille’s

We are 3 Ursulines of Jesus: Sisters Patrick Joseph, Margaret and Mary.
Today, as at the very beginning of our congregation, our mission springs from having Jesus Christ at the centre of our lives. And return to Him as its source.

We are involved in a variety of pastoral activities in the parish too!