The Swords Parish Council was formed in 2005 following a series of general meetings, education sessions, and workshops. The Parish council went through a renewal process in 2008 with three members stepping down and four new people joining.

Through this formation process a future vision for the parish was developed, and a strategic plan launched. There are now 14 members on the Parish Council with 7 subgroups.

The sub-committees each focus on specific aspects of the strategy, and they take guiding direction from the council. The seven sub-groups focus on the following strategic imperatives:

  • Community
  • Liturgy
  • Development
  • Communications
  • Drynam
  • Finance

Airport President – Fr Michael Carey Adm Ex

Officio – Fr. Peter McCarron
Chairperson – Pat Lynch
Secretary – Betty McDonald

Ordinary members:
Sr. Margaret
Marie O’Reilly
Paddy Gerrard
Maureen McCauley (Dublin Airport)
Marie O’Connor (Drynam)
Mary  Morgan
Harry Sheridan
Gerard Sweeney
Jim Reilly

If you or a member of your family is ill and would like a visit from a Priest  please contact the Sacristy 8400547 or Parish Office 8407277.