Swords Parish is currently undertaking a major project to develop a Parish Centre to provide a focal point for Parish activities other than church services.
Current trends in our diocese and in the Church in general in Ireland indicate that, in the not-too-distant future, there may be a need to provide extra services particularly in the area of spiritual development.
This, in addition to the practical requirements of a parish office and a meeting place for the various parish groups, makes the project vital to our overall development.
After obtaining Diocesan approval to proceed, the initial plan was to develop the Centre on the site at 42/4 North St. which was acquired by the parish in 2006.
As the detailed consultation and planning process continued, it was found that this site was inadequate, largely in relation to access and car parking. Thus, an alternative plan to develop on the site of the former Parochial House on Seatown Road was adopted.
This plan envisages the use of the existing House with an extension to provide for large meetings on a portion of the site, and will be funded by the sale of the remainder of the site. Planning Permission was granted by Fingal Co. Co. in January 2010.

Due to the current economic situation, the downturn in the Property Market, and falling Parish income, conditions are not favourable to go ahead with the full development at the moment. A Diocesan moratorium on all non-essential development is also in place.

In addition, there is the need to restore the Parochial House which was severely damaged last year by a fire caused by intruders. Because it is a Protected Structure, the restoration work must be approved by the Local Council. Approval has been given for phase 1 and submitted tenders are being evaluated. Phase 1 consists of re-roofing and weather-proofing to allow the building to dry out before assessing and planning the needs for phase 2 –  restoration of the interior. Extra Security will also be needed to help deter any further intrusions. Work on phase 1 is expected to commence shortly.

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