We miss you at our celebration, we think of you when the seats are empty, we pray for you to come home to the family of Christ. We long for your return brothers and sisters.

Our relationship with Jesus and his church can be difficult and fraught with tensions. Like any relationship it has its ups and downs. It can be difficult to understand. It can lead to separation of heart and mind. People leave the church for one reason or another.

Coming home is about reflections on those reasons why one chooses to leave Christ. There can be difficult personal moments or disappointment in our life and we may feel the church did not provide consolation.

It can also be difficult to look in the mirror at oneself and recognise our own weakness, either way, Jesus loves you for who you are and long for your heart, mind, body and spirit.

The Mass is a celebration of the gift of life which he has enshrined in each and every one of us through his body and blood. He is our creator and our friend. Come home and trust in Him.

Beginning Experience

This is an organization rooted in the Catholic tradition but open to all Faiths with specially designed Weekend Programs to help separated, divorced, and widowed people work through their grief. Further information: Tel. 6790556.

Lectio Divinia

Lectio Divina is for anyone who is interested in exploring and developing the Scripture in their lives. It is an opportunity to listen and reflect on the meaning of the Scripture teaching and how it relates to our daily living. The meeting takes place on Tuesday evening from 8.00 – 9.00 p.m. at 26 The Drive, Seatown Park.

All are Welcome


Depending on demand, retreats can be organised with Emmaus Retreat Centre, Lissenhall Swords.